For certain applications, it is useful to modify commercial mass spectrometers. Our laboratory focuses on developing new types of ion sources, especially for applications in ambient mass spectrometry and HPLC/MS with low flow rates of the mobile phase.


We focus on the development of new methods for lipid analysis and their applications to biological samples. Our current research is dedicated to implementing "shotgun" lipidomics approaches and developing procedures for in-depth characterization of molecular species within interesting minor lipid classes.

Mass spectrometry imaging

Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) enables mapping the distribution of chemical species on various surfaces. We use MALDI-MSI to monitor the spatial distribution of lipids within target tissues. Our current main aim is to determine the lipid changes in the tissues of mice models of neurodegeneration.

Structure of small molecules 

We accurately measure the masses of ions and their fragments to determine the structure of organic molecules. Fragments are obtained by collisions of ions with gaseous atoms and molecules or by interactions of ions with photons or electrons. Some compounds need to be chemically modified before their analysis.