Our current research in lipidomics, which emphasizes a analysis of many lipid classes at once, is focused on both HPLC/MS-based and shotgun lipidomics. In the second line of our research, we develop new methods for the in-depth characterization of lipid molecular species. Innovative approaches are used to elucidate lipid structures, e.g., to determine the double bond position(s). Our long-term involvement in the research of vernix caseosa, a unique material covering the developing fetus, has led to several new lipid classes such as nonhydroxylated 1-O-acylceramides, (O-acyl) alpha- and omega-hydroxy fatty acids and cholesteryl esters of omega -(O-acyl)-hydroxy fatty acids.

Example of UHPLC MS chromatogram showing separated lipid classes and boxplots of significantly different representation of lipids in individual samples.